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Magicians for children's parties are one of the most popular and requested acts suitable for all ages, to make the occasion more memorable. Even the parents are fully engaged and entertained!

Ari had Maisy utterly spellbound. Every move, every trick was recieved with gasps and giggles.

Clare Williams


The most popular party options are listed and explained below.

Ari understands that each and every party is different depending on the age of the birthday child.  Ari carefully considers the age range of the children in the audience and ensures he selects appropriate props, tricks, magic and illusions to perform to ensure all children are fully engaged and entertained at all times.


Each and every option below can be tailored to suit the age ranges from 3-8 (the 'curious age of innocence') or 9-13 years old ('the age of reason').

Children from 14+ these days will be more happy to have an intimate close up show for them and their friends with material taken from Ari's professional magic repertoire.

It's all about the magic

Ari has been entertaining with magic for most of his life. So you can be assured that you are not hiring a part time student or children's entertainer to just show a few tricks but have confidence that Ari will present modern magic in an extremely entertaining way. You can expect to see anything from a drawing animate and come to life, Rocky Raccoon do a super illusion and come alive, items appear and disappear in front of your very own eyes, and loads of laughs and audience participation.


Option 1:

Interactivce magic show

Duration: 45 mins

The most popular magic show for children today. Involving a mix of the favourite classics and modern magic. Guaranteed to get children laughing and gasping.

Children are encouraged to participate throughout with many being asked to volunteer to assist in making the magic happen.


Option 2:

Interactivce show & Balloons/Plate Spinning

Duration: 1 hr 30 min

On arrival Ari will entertian all the children with plate spinning and some fun interactive games to ensure all the children have arrived before the magic begins. (15 mins) He will then commence with his 45min to 1hr interactive magic show: involving a mix of the favourite classics and modern magic. Guaranteed to get children laughing and gasping. Children are encouraged to participate throughout with many being asked to volunteer to assist in making the magic happen.

Ari can then prepare a fantastic balloon model for everyone to take home with them when they leave.

Option 3:

The complete Act

Duration: 2 hr party

Book Ari for the full 2hrs and you will not be dissapointed! Ari will be with you for the whole party (approx. 45min magic, 30min break for your to serve party food, then another 45min entertainment).


This party option is the most popular and can be tailored to suit your party requirements.


Ari can include some or all of the following.


Plate spinning on arrival

Interactive magic show - 45 mins

Balloons for all the children

Illusion with the birthday child

Music and games

PA System

Magician in Kent Photos.png
Magician in Kent Photos.png
Magician in Kent Photos.png

Check out some recent party pictures.

Add an Illusion: Birthday Child is the star!

After the magic show and while everyone is eating Ari can set up a special illusion to perform with the birtdhay child making them the star of the show. The two latest favourites are a wrist chopper illusion or a chair suspension / levitation illusion. Ari will talk this through with you and the birthday child before the performance. (For the younger children the wrist chopper is performed as an invention rather than a "wrist chopper".)


Extras for the Magic Day

Check out the extras Ari offers to make the birthday party that little bit more Magical.


Balloons for all the children

Specially made balloons can be made available to all children attending the party.

The current favorites are swords, laser guns, flowers and the famous balloon doggy.

Magic Trick to take home

Ari can arrange mini magic tricks that each and every child can have added to their party bags to take home. Tricks range from £3.50- £15 per child.


Party bags

Party bags can be arranged for all the children. Prices vary depending on whats included. Ari can arrange anything from sweetie cones to mini magic sets. ranging from £3.50- £10 per child.


Marvin's Magic set for the birthday child

Ari is a distributor of the Marvin's Magic sets and can organise a special magic set presentation to the birthday child at the end of the party. These sets range in price but Ari will ensure you will get a better price than what you will find on the market. Speak to Ari about what you are after and he would be more than happy to recommend an appropriate set!


Mini Magic Workshops

Ari can perform and teach a range of magic tricks that the children can easily learn and go home with. Ari will suggest a selection of effects suitable for the party and age of children attending the party.

Best Party times

Based on the parties Ari has arranged, and to allow Ari to get to more than one special birthday child in a day the best times to book are between  11am to 1pm or 3pm to 5pm.


Arrival and set up

Ari will always arrive between 30mins to an hour early to set up the amazing magic show and meet with the birthday child prior to all the guests arriving.  This is so you get the most value for your money.  The time you pay is only for performance time and not wasted on setting up as many children's entertainers sometimes do.


Click here for bookings and further information.


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