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Ari is an extremely experienced and professional children’s entertainer having been performing children’s magic shows since the age of 12. He is fully insured, police and CRB checked for your peace of mind.

Ari had Maisy utterly spellbound. Every move, every trick was received with gasps and giggles.

Clare Williams


Magicians for children's parties are one of the most popular and requested forms of entertainment; suitable for all ages, they make the occasion more memorable. Even the parents are fully engaged and entertained!

Ari’s magic show is ideal for children's parties or any function where children need to be entertained. The show is suitable for 3-9 years old and typically runs for 40 minutes (although there are several options to choose from), with lots of audience participation and chances for the children to help and get involved with the tricks, and doing some for themselves!

The magic show is suitable for as few as five children in a small living room as well as hundreds of children in a large sports hall or theatre.

Ari entertains using new, modern magic and the latest effects with humour and sheer excitement and peforms at a comfortably fast pace so the children are completely entertained throughout the performance.

Ari is great fun and great at getting all children interacting with the favourite children's party games.

If you would like games to be played, Ari is happy to organise games such as musical chairs, pass the parcel, musical statues and many others!. Ari has a superb PA system and is happy to provide music and microphones and the games can last as long as required. Or should you wish to use your songs on your ipod that’s fine too.

Ari can provide everything so you do not have to worry!

• Plate spinning - Great on arrival until all the children arrive.
• Pass the parcel
• Crazy Sock Challenge - (party favourite)
• Sweeties
Ari can also offer:
• Party bags
• Prizes for boys and girls

• Magic tricks
• Balloon modelling


Balloon modelling
Ari does an excellent sword and a beautiful flower; these tend to be the favorites at the moment. However he is able to model a whole range of shapes ranging from balloon animals (dogs, mice) to guitars, and also a cute little teddy bear among many others.


(9-13 years olds)
Ari will perform excerpts of close up magic (from his current close up act) right in front of the children's eyes utilising everday objects such as rings and rope, borrowed objects, money and of course the classic deck of cards.

After the performance Ari will run a small workshop where he will teach the older children a selection of simple magic tricks where every child will be provided with a pack of cards, rope or an inanimate object and learn some great tricks to show their friends and family.


For an additional fee Ari can provide magic tricks or magical props for all children to take home or playing cards printed to order with your child’s photo on the back.

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