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Ari Phillips Wedding Magician in Kent an

Your wedding day will be one of the most special days of your life.  Ari will assure you that his performance will provide your guests with entertaining magic which will only enhance the delightful memories your guests take away with them on your magical day.

The most popular wedding options are listed and explained below:

Option 1:

During Photographs

Wedding photos are traditionally taken immediately after the ceremony. Many guests are not involved with the majority of the photos which makes this the ideal time for a close up magician to entertain with mix and mingle strolling style magic.  This is particularly good to break the ice in those awkward moments when you have only just met other guests and family for the first time.


Option 2:

Dinner / Breakfast

As the guests are seated for the meal, it is almost certain that there will be people at the table that don’t know others seated amongst them. Ari can entertain with a short performance at each table and provide that preliminary talking point that is often wished for to get people conversing.  Ari performs in between the courses and leaves as the speeches begin.


Stand up - speeches

Ari is often requested to perform his stand up routine for all the guests which is guaranteed to have everyone laughing and thoroughly entertained and warmed up ready for the all important speeches. Don't forget to ask him how he can incorporate something special into this performance for you.


Option 3:

The Reception

After the speeches have finished and  guests start to arrive for the evening wedding reception Ari can provide close up magic as they arrive, before the music is up and the dancing begins.


Unique & special to you

The above options are only an overview of how best to use a magician.
Every wedding day is unique and different so should you require something a little different please speak to Ari about your specific wedding day requirements.

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