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Ari Phillips Close up Magician in Kent a

Private Functions

Corporate Events


Ari is able to stroll through a party, working purely with objects from his pockets or common everyday items borrowed from the guests, to perform close up miracles right in front of their eyes - and even in their hands!

"All I could hear was "Wow! How does he do that". It really made the event go with a swing & I loved it!"

Jenny Hutchinson


Your guests will be left with a sure talking point, a smile on their faces and always wanting more after one of Ari’s performances.

Flexible enough to work under all conditions, whether it be a room at a reception, a buffet party or at the tables during a formal meal, Ari always delights his audiences, and should there be any children present his experience in children's entertainment and balloon modelling is equally impressive.

When to book Ari?

Ari's magic is ideal before any event as an icebreaker using his approachable, friendly charm as people or clients often meet for the first time, performing entertaining magic right in front of their eyes without the need for props or anything else but what he can carry on his person or borrow from your guests.
People also book Ari to perform during the proceedings at table level or in mix and mingle within the groups.

Close Up Magic - Real Magic!

Your guests will be enthralled as they see Ari’s wonderful skill of slight of hand and witness the impossible right before their very eyes. Ari’s magic is new, interactive and highly entertaining and he will ensure that the magic is one of the highlights of your event. Guests will be gasping in sheer amazement, speechless in shock, laughing at the impossible and mystified whilst Ari entertains with classic magic with a modern twist and uses his phenomenal ESP (extra sensory perception) ability and mind over matter (although with his mind it doesn’t matter) for many startling mind reading effects throughout the event.
Overall your guests will be blown away and they can expect to see anything from borrowed objects magically vanishing into thin air and re-appear, rope cut in two and restored, signed cards appear in the most unexpected places and even borrowed money change value before their very eyes!


Ari offers three styles of close up magic for you to choose from.
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"Thank you for giving so much pleasure to our family & guests with your wonderful magic."

Peter Goodhew


Magician in Kent Photos.png
Magician in Kent Photos.png
Magician in Kent Photos.png
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