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Ari Phillips Wedding Magician in Kent an

Your wedding day will be one of the most special days of your life.  Ari will assure you that his performance will provide your guests with entertaining magic which will only enhance the delightful memories your guests take away with them on your magical day.

Ari's Wedding Magic is renowned for being energetic and powerful leaving guests totally in awe! Ari can keep your guests entertained while the photographs are being taken, a time when guests can often feel a little lost, so having the Magic of Ari will be the perfect icebreaker; use Ari during the meal, between courses, to keep your guests engaged and enthralled and again during your evening reception where he can mix and mingle to ensure all your guests have been entertained! You can even book Ari to do a short stand up routine entertaining all your guests and getting their attention before the all important wedding speeches.

Wedding Magician - how does this work?

Having a professional magician peform at your wedding is one of the ultimate ways to get guests interacting with each other. A magical performance to groups of guests provides an excellent talking point for people that have just met. There is no more effective ice breaker.

Where does it fit in?

Throughout your wedding day, there are times when a magician can really fit into the proceedings and provide a memorable moment for guests, most of which may have never ever seen professional close up magic before. They will really enjoy being entertained and spellbound by the most classic, elegant and captivating form of entertainment.

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"Ari looked after our guests during those awkward gaps between ceremonies and really helped to bring unfamiliar guests together."

Annie While


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Magician in Kent Photos.png
Magician in Kent Photos.png
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