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Is Ari a Member of the Magic Circle

Yes, Ari is a full Member of the Magic Circle and has been a member for close to 15 years. The Magic Circle is the most prestigious magic club in the world. Growing up performing magic, Ari also won many awards for both his stage and close up performances and was also the president of the North Shore Magicians Society. He was also part of an award winning international family magic and illusion show. Ari performed his first professional children's birthday party when he was just 12 years old!

Is Ari Insured?

Absolutely! As a proud member of Equity Ari has up to £10 million pounds public liability insurance. and all electrical equipment is PAT tested.


What time is the best time for

a children party?

Ari offers two ideal time slots for children's parties available over the weekends.  Between 10.00-12.00 and 15.00-17.00. This allows for more than one party during the weekend and  the required time for set up, prep and pack down between parties…this is why there is an ‘ideal’ time slot however there is some felxibility and can be altered if specifically requested on some occasions.


What time will Ari arrive?

Ari always arrives at least 30-45 mins prior to the party starting and all the guests arriving.  This is to allow him to meet with the birthday child and also set up the complete act.  This ensures that you get the full amount of time for performance and not wasting precious performance time setting up and packing down as can happen with many children's entertainers.


Should we invite the children to come early to make sure they don’t miss the start of the show?

Not at all. This is not necessary or recommended as Ari will require un-interrupted time to set up the show before everyone arrives- wouldn’t want them seeing how the tricks are set up and spoiling the magic! Children almost always arrive early for parties, especially at the younger ages and there is nothing more stressful for the parents and entertainer to have wild children running around like crazy, over excited before the party even starts.  As Ari arrives early to set up, this means he is fully ready for when the children arrive and can give them his undivided attention which also helps out the parents. Ari usually suggests something like plate spinning on arrival until all the children have arrived. This is great for all ages (even the adults) and he suggests different challenges for various abilities. This means the magic doesn’t need to start until all the children have arrived.


How long are the Children's Parties?

Ari offers different options between 45mins to the full 2 hour party package. This will depend on if you are just after the interactive magic show or if you would also like the special illusion for the birthday child, plate spinning on arrival and balloons for all the children at the end.  Please refer to the Children's party options page on the website to find out more.


What's the order of events for the party?

As mentioned previously, Ari will be fully set up and ready to go for when the children arrive. This means that usually the following schedule is preferred:

(based on the full 2 hour party). 

10:30 - 11:00 Arrive early to set up

11:00 - 11:15  Plate spinning - music until everyone arrives

11:15 - 12:00 Interactive magic show

12:00-12:30 Break for food

12:30-13:00 Illusion with birthday child, games and balloons for all.



Can we have a face painter or bouncy castle at our party?

Ari does not offer these services, however there is little time for this once Ari starts the party.

Ari's show is totally engaging and all children will be captivated from start to finish.  Ari's highly entertaining show is guaranteed to keep the children engaged from start to finish so no need for any additional extras.  Should you decide to have a bouncy castle or face painting it's suggested this is done before or after Ari leaves or at least deflated during the show.

If you are only hiring Ari for a 45 min magic show, or if your having a 3+ hour party this can be a great addition to a party as long as you have enough space for both the magician and the castle. 

When hiring Ari for the full 2 hour party package then the bouncy castle is not recommended or necessary.


Do you need parking at the show?

It is extremely important Ari is able to park close to the premises as he will have a lot of props to unload. This will include the PA system, magic set up, back drops, illusions and additional equipment. If payment is required for parking then Ari kindly asks that you reimburse him for this. Should you not have access close to the venue then Ari asks you to notify him in advance of the party to ensure more time is allowed for unloading and set up and he may also request some help.

Are your parties suitable for all ages?

Absolutely. Ari’s been doing Children’s shows for close to 30 years and you can be rest assured he will perform professional magic suitable for all ages. He tailors each act specifically to the age of the audience but always ensures he has something there for the younger brother / sister who happens to be at the party. You will find the older kids love the magic just as much knowing how much fun the younger ones get from it. Ari's magic show is actually a family magic show and you will be surprised that even all the adults tend to sit and watch the show also :)

Can I have the party in our home?

Not a problem at all. Ari has performed hundreds of parties in the comfort of people's own homes.  So long as there is enough room to set up the act and have the children sitting comfortably this is totally fine. Ari has also performed for children's parties in local village halls, schools, theatres and marquees.


Should we provide sweets and prizes?

Ari will provide all sweets he uses during his act for prizes / giveaways. 

If you want to provide additional prizes that is absolutely fine but generally they are not required during Ari's parties.


Is there a maximum number of children that Ari can perform for?

Not at all..the more children the better. Some parents do joint birthday parties to help split the costs of the party and entertainer. Ari is fine with this, however he will need to be notified at the time of the booking as there is a surcharge for additional children over 30. This is because additional time and balloons are required for every child.



My son/ daughter is a little shy and may be nervous to get up if picked. Will you make sure he/ she is not embarrassed in front of their friends?

Ari is very sensitive and understanding to this but because he comes early and meets with the birthday child this is almost never a problem and his personable style of magic more often than not brings them out of their shell. Even shy children are excited to help Ari with his shows. This is because Ari often makes a big fuss of the birthday child and makes them feel special and magical.  If your child really doesn’t want to jump up and help, Ari will know that in advance and will respect this and no child is ever expected to do anything they don’t want to do.


Do you have a CRB check?

Yes, Ari has been fully CRB checked with a squeaky clean record. Should additional CRBs be required before any specific performance such as schools and nursery additional checks can be made on request. 

Do you have any video footage of your shows?

Many of Ari’s shows are at people's homes and Children’s birthdays where these days it's very difficult to get any photographs and share them publicly. Parents do share their photos on their social media feeds but often this is not acceptable to share publicly without the permission of the parents of the other children appearing in the shots. However where possible he will try and get some photos and testimonials which you will see and he is more than happy to share.


We see other  entertainers quoting £150 or less on their website. This seems much cheaper? Why?

Some magicians promote unbelievably cheap prices for mid week parties…before 3pm as bait to catch your attention. but do look out for the “from” prices. They are not as cheap as they may appear to be. Don’t be fooled by these  prices; there is no comparison in performance or quality of the show, and you are probably aware that cheap and quality rarely go hand in hand.  Often these magicians have very few magic tricks as such and drag out the time and show with lots of silliness and long drawn out stories…Ari’s show is jam packed full of loads of magic effects, one after the other…and new and exciting effects too - some you won't see anywhere else!

Ari is a member of Equity and The Magic Circle….which gives you the peace of mind that you will be getting a quality and professional performer. 


Can you perform your show in the garden or outside?

In the summer it's tempting to want to have the party and entertainment outside but this can be an unpleasant experience for both performer and the children in the audience. There are so many distractions in the garden and sun can make it awkward to see and the wind can add a chill agitating the children making them restless while also blowing props around. Ari’s suggestion from experience is that its always better to set the magic show up inside the house and the other activities such as plate spinning, games, balloons and eating can all be outside after the show. This is far less stressful for everyone and also allows time for the adults to prep the party food during the show and Ari to pack up after the show. Everyone is happy.


What if something happens and you don’t turn up I’m left with a hall full of kids. Are you reliable?

Absolutely reliable - Ari is proud to say he has never missed a booking in all the time he's been performing. Sadly, you do hear of occasions when people have been let down by their entertainer last minute..(which generally always has been a budget booking). Booking Ari, who is a member of The Magic Circle and Equity, means you are getting a professional who would never just not turn up or forget about the booking. However, we all accept that things happen and in case of an emergency Ari will do his upmost to ensure he has cover and you still have an entertainer of the same standard at your party so hopefully this will give you the peace of mind you're looking for.


Should we book you or the village hall first?

To avoid disappointment it is always worth booking Ari first to ensure he is available for the party date. Ari is happy to pencil you in for 24 hours initially while waiting to hear from the chosen venue. Once you have confirmed the availability of the venue you can then confirm the booking with Ari by making the deposit. If you book the venue before contacting Ari you may find he is already fully booked for that day. 


That's amazing. How do you do it?

He does it very well. That's how.  No seriously, magic ceases being fun once you know how it's done. Being a member of The Magic Circle Ari is also sworn to secrecy so will not reveal how his secrets are done.  If your child would really like to learn magic then Ari does also offer Mini workshops at children’s parties where each and every child gets a brand new magic trick to take home and Ari will perform and teach them all how to do it. This is an optional extra and the tricks will need to be purchased in advance to cover the cost of the ‘secret’ and workshop time. Alternatively for the slightly older children Ari can help them or introduce them to The Young Magicians club at The Magic Circle.

Ari had Maisy utterly spellbound. Every move, every trick was received with gasps and giggles.

Clare Williams


Is Ari a Member of the Magic Circle
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Find out more

Ari would love to hear from you. If your child is having a Birthday Party and you would like to have Ari entertain please call or  email with as much detail as possible about your event, including your name, date, time and location of your event and Ari will get back to you soon.

Alternatively you can fill out the online booking form on the enquiry page.


Thank you again for enquiring about the magic of Ari.


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