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Astounding and Dazzling light effects at you fingertips.

Includes the best selling Lights from Anywhere plus other incredible light illusions!

60 Greatest Light Illusions

  • A DELUXE COLLECTION OF ASTOUNDING AND DAZZLING LIGHT EFFECTS: Fancy a dazzling light show at your fingertips? Harness the power of light and other magic abilities with this collection of 60 light illusions from the world leader in accessible, professional magic! If you’ve always dreamed of having superpowers or control over the cosmos, this magic set is for you!

    SIMPLE TO MASTER, STUNNING TO SEE: The beautifully presented collection of tricks covers the entire spectrum of magic principles. This is the ultimate magic set to inspire and entertain young magicians! Presented in a beautiful tin this Marvin’s Magic Amazing Light Illusions magic box allows young magicians to be the star of the show and perform their own fantastic and dazzling routine with light based props. From the mind of an Award Winning Magician, Marvin has created this gorgeous set so you can replicate his amazing tricks at home!

    COMPLETE WITH EASY TO UNDERSTAND & CLEARLY ILLUSTRATED BOOKLET: Follow the kid friendly step by step instructions in the booklet provided or download the Marvin’s Magic App for exclusive videos on many of these tricks and more. The box has enough tricks and props for hours of fun, allowing budding illusionists to learn and wide range of magic skills that will astonish friends and family. Includes the lights from anywhere, mysterious magical squeakers, appearing sponge balls plus more

    PERFECT FOR AN ATTENTION GRABBING PERFORMANCE: Put on the most amazing light illusions show for friends and family. This magic set will amaze everyone! The perfect magic kit for those wanting to show off their magic skills in a different and stunning way. So turn off the lights and get ready to be dazzled! Magic is normally based on dexterity, skill and many years of practice but with Marvin’s Magic, aspiring magicians can perform similar sensational effects in no time at all.

    PROFESSIONAL MAGIC MADE EASY: The perfect magic set for children 8 years old + and includes high quality, child friendly props that have been designed for young hands. Looking for the ultimate magic tricks for children? This fantastic set of light illusions is a great gift for boys or girls and is fantastic for all skill levels, no prior magic experience is needed. Ideal for beginners or budding young magicians! Great for confidence and presentation skills, it’s professional magic made easy.

    Difficulty: Easy

    Suitable for: 8 Years

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