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A fun suprise kicker for the Grum Dice Cups.

You ask your spectator if they like to gamble?  Give them a chance to roll a six with the dice allowing them to handle and thoroghly examine the dice and cup. And ask them to hold the little leather pouch in their hand. Using the dice cup you shake the dice cup until the spectator requests you to stop.  They peak at the number and the number they are thinking of matches the poker chip in the leather pouch which has been in theor hands from the outset of the trick.

You can then ask the spectator if they remember the dice is...pocket or the cup...and to their suprise you can then make the final load appear. (large dice)

.If your confident at sleight of hand you can even conceal the poker chips inside the cup to become your suprise final laod too!


Note: This trick should only be purchased if you have a grum dice cup.

Also note that the colour of the chips and the final prediction colour is random. We can not gaurantee the colours you recieve will be exactly as shown above.


The prediction will either be a number 2 or 5. This will be determned when purchasing the dice cup.  If you already have a dice cup, and would like to order the poker chip suprise please specify below if your cup / dice is set to Number 5 or number .


*Note this prop does not come with any written instructions. It is very self explanatory and easy to come up with your own patter and routine to suit your style.



We assume you already know the hot rod ' paddle move' and so this product is the keyring only. No instructions included.  If your interested in this effect and dont know the handling I am more than happy to take you through it over a live chat once you have recieved your order.

'The Red Gems' prediction comes as standard. Please confirm if you would like a bespoke option of a differnt colour. There is a surcharge for this.

    Poker Chip Surprise

    • As these are made to order they are not refundable or returnable.

    • As these are all hand crafted, hand dyed and hand stitched they take time to produce to the high standard and quality they are. We say to allow up to 6 weeks from orfder to delivery, howevr we always try to displatch them as soon as we can. We will keep you up to date with your order and its progress.

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