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Birthday Party Checklist

Ari has created a simple checklist for your party to ensure everything goes smoothly on the day which may be of some help when organising your next birthday party for your child. Everything from planning before the party, to last minute reminders on the day. Hope it helps!

One to three months before the party

The earlier the better to ensure your entertainer's availability.

Ari gets bookings a year in advance so better to plan early to avoid disappointment.

  • Set the date of the birthday party

  • Decide on the location, make reservations etc.

  • Get your child to create a guest list; who is coming?

  • Decide if there is a theme for the party.

  • Hire Ari Phillips Magician for the Magic of Ari Children's Show :)

  • Confirm your venue booking

  • Plan your activities, games, bouncy castles, face painters etc. (It's important to let Ari know if you plan to have such activities as a bouncy castle as this can often be a distraction during the show and usually asked to be deflated. Ari would not recommend it necessary to have both unless you are planning on have a 3 hour plus party.)

  • Plan your menu, food. (Ari usually allows 20-30 mins max during his two hour parties.)

  • Source your party supplies. (Ari can also help provide party bags, mini magic tricks, wands and sweets if required.)

Two to three weeks before the party:

  • Send your invitations and ensure there are contact details with a R.S.V.P (don't forget to include the address and directions)

  • Plan your party cake or order one

  • Purchase the party bag items and game prizes (again Ari can also provide these if required)

  • Finalise your menu

One week before the party:

  • Order or gather together the chairs, tables, dishes, utensils, etc...

  • Make a final guest count. Make phone calls if necessary at this point

  • Plan for additional adult support / chaperones, if necessary

  • Place orders for food if needed

  • Confirm bookings / reservations (if applicable)

  • Confirm your gathering place is adequately prepared

  • Buy and wrap your gift for the birthday child

The day before the party:

  • Gift wrap any game prizes

  • Review the games/activities (if Ari has not been hired to run the party games).

  • Prepare and set up the decorations: bunting, streamers, piñata etc.

  • Decorate or collect the cake

  • Purchase drinks, ice and last min party food

  • Prepare party bags (if Ari is not supplying them)

  • Charge camera, make sure there is sufficient space on your phone etc.

On the day:

  • Have camera ready

  • Ensure toilets have plenty of paper, soap and towels etc

  • Have paper and pen ready to record who gave what present

  • Have a recycling bin ready for all the wrapping paper

  • Make sure your pets are secure and safe

  • Don’t forget to add those balloons to your letter box!

  • Have fun and enjoy the magic!

If you are looking to hire Children's entertainment, for a magic show that will create a memorable and magical experience then you won't go wrong when choosing the Magic of Ari.


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