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5 STAR Review for Grum in Vanish Magazine!Paul Romhany Gives Grum the Thumbs up with his fabulous 5



PRICE: £155.00 - £175.00


Hand crafted perfectly weighted dice cup - chop cup. These are made to order and come in a variety of colors and choices. You can choose both the outer and inner color of the leather cup, the stitching and the finishing edge paint too! All chop cups come with 2 'Corleone' dice, two final loads, a velvet gig bag and presented in a lovely tube packaging. These are super popular with magicians because they are so much more familiar to lay people than a small cup and crochet ball. Could easily be accepted as a backgammon game dice cup. And with the dice you even get the bonus to be able to use them for a mind reading routine too!


Top Outer Diameter: 60mm

Bottom Diameter: 46mm

Height: 73mm


I own the tan colored set and absolutely love it. I received the chop-cup set with a magnetic die and matching regular die, then two larger dice for the final loads.

The quality on this is outstanding and is certainly a product that is made to last. I love this leather look and having a dice cup really makes sense, more so than any chop-cup I've seen!

You can do all your regular chop-cup moves and routines using this, and the magnetic property of the cup and die are matched perfectly. You don't have to slam the cup down to dislodge the die when you need it to reappear again.

The other dice supplied are regular and slightly larger than each other. This makes for a great progression as you go through the routine finally finishing with the largest one. Another great feature I discovered is that because of the properties of the cup and die you can use this to force a number. It's such a cool little bonus because you can have the spectator throw the die in the cup and cover the mouth shaking it up and down, and each time the same number will be on top. It is such a great way to force a number because the die can be shown on all sides and simply dropped in and rattled around. Again, because it's a dice cup makes so much more sense when having the prop in play.

The size of this is also perfect for close-up and walk-about performers. This will fit in to your pocket without taking too much space and is a pack small play big close-up prop.

The packaging on this product is first class. It comes in velvet cloth bag which would make a great surface to perform on, especially if you are working bars or restaurants.

I LOVE the look and feel of this prop. It uses dice and a dice cup makes this the perfect premise for a chop-cup routine where you talk about games. It really all does make sense.


If you check out the website at you will see the huge range of colurs that they offer. You can choose the out colour, the stitching colour and the inner colour creating a truly unique prop.



By Paul Romhany


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