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Keep up to date with Ari and his latest shows, events and appearances. You can see what he has been up to, client testimonials, helpful articles, inspirational pieces and some interesting and fun facts.


So you're a beginner and want to learn Magic! Well, here it is, my all-new Ultimate beginner's course in magic.

  • Your own personal account and login

  • Over 140 videos of great magic tricks, lessons, tips and tricks!

  • Over 8.5 hours of magic training lessons

  • 8 Card handling and resource library

  • Easy to do self-working tricks to full routines depending on your confidence

  • Self-working Card Magic

  • Impromptu Magic

  • Rope Magic

  • Money Magic

  • Rubber Band Magic

  • Mind reading

  • Card effects and full routines

  • Tips, tricks and advice

  • Email support, live videos and one to one support

  • Learn at your own pace and concentrate on the magic you like best!

Learning Magic

Sometimes reading a book on magic, or watching a tutorial on youtube is just not enough to learn and improve your skills as a magician and it is most helpful to have the support of other magicians and mentors who can support you with your learning, offer feedback, critique your progress and performance and offer the support and encouragement you need to improve and develop.

If you would like to know how I can support and help you with your magic, or like to know how the magic coach course can fast-track to becoming a magician then why not get in touch.

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