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Mistakes Beginner Magicians Make

A video highlighting some of the the top mistakes beginners make.

If you’re a beginner and interested in learning magic, here is some great advice for you. Because we all learn from our mistakes, I thought it makes sense to start with discussing some of the the top mistakes beginners make...hopefully saving you the time in making these mistakes yourself!

00:56 Focus on the method and not the presentation

05:51 Show off rather than entertain

07:10 They Repeat their tricks

09:39 Forget the magic moment and applause cues

16:35 What I'm going to do next...

19:06 Copycats - Be the best you, you can be!

21:14 Learning alone - self teaching

24:12 Asking for a volunteer

26:43 Believes everyone loves magic

29:51 Buy now - Perform tomorrow

33:47 Get stuck in their comfort zone

38:24 Not prepared to show magic, any time, anywhere.

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